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Two of the most common reasons that a woman will play hard to get with a guy are: 1. In most cases, they get approached by men who try to amaze them with a pick up line or by guys who are too nervous, too eager or too awkward. He’s being really nice to her and expecting to be rewarded with sex, love and relationship because of it. Many women, especially beautiful women, get hit on all of the time.What works is making her feel sexually attracted to you by being confident and masculine around her.Many women use the desperation of guys to increase their self-confidence.One of the best ways to win over a girl who is playing hard to get, is to simply turn the tables on her. How to get her chasing you: I’ve used that approach to sleep with models and women who usually reject 99% of the men who try to pick them up.Women LOVE being put in the position where they feel lucky to be with you.Beautiful women are usually bored to death of guys who are desperate to get a chance with her.

Spending hours trying to convince her to like you doesn’t work either.

They eat up all the compliments offered and try to use that to feel confident enough around guys who actually make them feel attraction.

Remember: 96% of women don’t think they are beautiful.

I was surrounded by encouragement, pre-date pep talks, outfit recommendations, funny first date stories, and an abundance of dating advice.

When I look back on all of the advice I was given, there is no doubt in my mind that it was all well-intentioned.

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