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She is a waste of points if she dies during the alpha strike.

If she is escorting Serissu then she can receive a free defense reroll from the Bothan.

Since her primary function is assassination rather than piloting, she only has a PS of 5.

(That is what an 18 point Leatin is for.) The Bodyguard EPT is about creating a synergetic combo that gives exceptional strength when the two ships are together at Range 1.Or perhaps you fly aggressively so that Guri is at range 1 of the enemy while your Scum Ace is behind her at the safer distance of Range 2.That way Guri receives her free focus token and both ships can absorb a lot of damage.Stay On Target was an EPT designed to punish generic squads and so we get a very strong combo when we attach it to Guri.She can chose a new maneuver to stay in Range 1 of the ships she is hunting and then doesn't care about the stress she receives because she still gets her free focus from her ability. I don't like to use this EPT much because I don't want it to become a crutch for flying skill.

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