Georgia man beaten for dating a black woman

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Jerry Lee Manigault entered a plea Monday and accepted four life-without-parole sentences for charges related to the deaths of , of Hollywood.

Police believe Manigault killed Mitchell on May 12, 2014, at her Buck Island Road home.

Police spoke with the victim, who told police he was gay.

The victim appeared “dressed in female attire," according to the police report and was leaving Georgia Bar when another male called him a “faggot."The pair began arguing, which resulted in the victim being punched in the face by the other man.

The driver did not stop and he only broke free when his hand fell out.

(white female negro-lover) Shiawassee County mother sent to prison after beating, abusing her (White) 22-month-old child CORUNNA - A Shiawassee County mother will be in prison for up to 50 years after she assaulted and abused her 22-month-old daughter.

-- Two suspects were arrested and charged for the attempted carjackings of two women Friday at the Kohl's store in the 9700 block of Watson Road in Crestwood.

Police say the men had shoplifted from the store but apparently their car wouldn't start.

41-year-old Korey Wess and 42-year-old Earl Hood are charged with stealing and attempted stealing.

told News 4 she was sitting in her car, on the phone when she saw the two suspects walk up to her car and she realized her doors were unlocked.

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