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How long did it take them to shoot the "Rain" dance? It is true that he had a fever of about 103 and he had been sick the days before. Is it true that milk was put in the water so the raindrops would show up better on film? That's another of those myths associated with the movie.

It was such an extraordinary challenge to light the raindrops.

It was full of dangerous people, and I found it frightening and intimidating.''Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Billy Wilder used to come to the house.

Billy once said to me, "If I was a little bit younger, I’d be directing you in a movie." He had directed Marilyn and I was flattered by is interest.''I finally said I would have a drink with him and when he came to my room I opened the door he was just standing there, six feet four inches tall, nice looking, slim, he spoke fluent Japanese and he could do acupuncture, chiropractics, sang, played guitar and drums, and could draw.

The husbands: Kelly was married to Victor Drai between 19, seen left the year before they wed in Beverly Hills and, right, with Seagal in 1987 - the year they married - in Westwood, California; they split in 1996'I see kids like Lindsay Lohan going off the rails because she has no one there for her.

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'When I split with Steven, the divorce was very ugly, and details of the case were on the evening news.

I didn't want my kids seeing it, so I simply got rid of the TV.

I moved my kids out of LA so they could grow up with real people—the kids of gas pump attendants, plumbers, and real family people.

He was playing a nondancer and was surprised at how what he did had to propel the story.

So that was a really conscious thing on his part to make sure that the numbers were woven into the structure and advanced the plot.

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