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Long (very annoying) story short, because I'm physically in Canada, they won't touch the phone. Even if I travel to the States and give it to them. Did I mention opening it to get at the motherboard involves using a hot gun to melt off the glue holding the screen, and dismantle the phone? Fine, what's on e Bay that's cheap-- ships from Canada (because fuck those cross-border motherfuckers), and takes the form factor of the SIM I have?

Except after a while "it'll work" stopped being an option. I'm sure it's a loose video connector, but the only way for me to fix it is to shell out another 0, or open it.

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The bolt that holds the left screen hinge to the case snapped. So one of the main selling features of it being a nice-looking computer-- bye!

Now, both our laptops have the exact same mechanical failure. Short of drilling a new hole, or spot-welding the metal housing back together, that's the best there is.

Maybe we were naive thinking they could pull it off so quickly because they have the biggest resources and manpower available, maybe just hopeful.

Either way it’s been delayed and we are ok with that. (Something about a lot of miscalculations in the past) But the project is still full steam under development!

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