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I would add that Clare's book about 'dying less stupid' is amusing and an interesting insight.In my view, anyone of any age or ability, could learn French under Clare's empathetic tutelage. My husband and I have been having French lessons with Clare for nine weeks.We visit Clare every week at her home to practise speaking and listening and we have been working through a French book with cds that she has recommended to help us.Links to French language websites and work sheets suggested by Clare have also supported our learning.We would certainly recommend Clare for French tuition, she is very experienced and helps us feel confident in speaking French even when we are little unsure and we feel that our French has really improved because of her encouragement. Clare Jones is an excellent teacher, and in a few short months has helped me dramatically improve my spoken French.She is always well prepared for our lessons, has a very good approach, and makes me feel relaxed and so able to learn.I took lessons with Clare in preparation to live and work with a French family for 6 weeks.

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It wasn't long before I had recollected the vocabulary I had learnt from school and with Clare's teaching I was quickly learning and more importantly remembering new vocabulary.

We have been tutored by Clare now for over six months and we can clearly state that we have learned an enormous amount with her guidance.

Clare is structured in her approach to classes but is always capable of changing direction if she feels we can learn from a spontaneous discussion about our French experiences.

We are an established online French language school with 15 years experience teaching on Skype.

Our French native teachers are real professionals who are patient, friendly and work together as a team. Every lesson is personalised with a carefully planned structure and a clear learning objective according to your goals.

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