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Webcam Time Lapse enables you to record time-lapse videos with your webcam.

You can set the program to automatically capture a snapshot every few seconds, minutes, hours or days and later combine all snapshots into a...

You can monitor and record from multiple cameras simultaneously, each with individual monitoring and recording settings. Broad Cam is a streaming video server that can stream live or pre-recorded video from your PC.

It automatically handles the audio and video stream compression, player format negotiation and bandwidth adjustment. Yawcam (Yet Another Webcam Software) allows you to stream a live broadcast from your webcam or DV camera.

The software offers motion detection recording, continuous and scheduled recordings. Who Stalks My Cam enables you to monitor your webcam to prevent unauthorized spying by malware (e.g. The program alerts you each time your webcam is being used and shows you...

Webcam On-Off is an easy to use tool that lets you disable your webcam when it is not in use.


KVYcam is a virtual webcam application that can capture video from your webcam and send it to other programs, allowing you to use your webcam stream with multiple applications at the same time. Many Cam is a virtual webcam driver that enables you to use your your webcam with multiple programs simultaneously.You can also add special effects to your video stream, or replace your webcam video with a still image, content...Security Eye is a personal surveillance system that enables you to monitor multiple IP cameras or webcams.The webcam is not freed for me either, and attempting to start the game for the second time, Unity crashes.(which is the same behaviour as if the web cam is not connected to the computer when I start the Game) This happens even if I fix the other things...

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