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If you feel the "call of the wild," you might consider an American Bobtail cat as a companion.Story credit: Cats About cats.The American Curl is famous for its ears which are uniquely curled.The notion that ticked cats were imported here, there, and everywhere is a rather provincial idea.There is little or no doubt that Abyssinian cats developed in England, for there is no record of any Abyssinian cat imported there.This medium sized breed has round-shaped paws and a long straight tail without any kinks.

The history of the Abyssinian breed could begin whereever a ticked tabby walked, because similar cats existed in all countries.

Abyssinians are a special type of tabby cat; they are distinguished from all other tabbies by their beautiful ticked, resilient coats.

All tabbies, in fact, have this ticked or agouti background in their coats (whereby each individual hair shaft is banded with different colors); however, superimposed on this ticked background is a particular dark pattern such as mackerel, spotted, or blotched.

The main reason remain behind its popularity is that no genetic defects are associated with the curl gene.

Appearance The ideal American Curl is usually found in medium size.

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