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A fomer minor league pitcher in the Minnesota Twins system, Delkus is taking over for longtime weather guy Troy Dungan, whose contract is up at the end of this year.

We choose Delkus not because he can point out how it will be 95 with no rain for the next few weeks, but because of the looks Dungan gets on his face when he is forced to stand next to Delkus some nights.

Doocy seems to be just a regular guy who figures he’s lucky to be getting paid to report from the playland of sports. When Doocy appears on Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket, the hosts always ask if he wears a toupee and has a cocaine addiction problem. (No on both, in case you’re scoring at home.)We’re blurring distinctions here a bit, because these two tasty pieces of man candy aren’t “hot” in that chiseled, aloof, supermodel kind of way.

The sentiments they inspire aren’t so much “I’d tap that” as “I’d snuggle with that.” The sweetly jock-ish Mac Laughlin, with those adorably devilish eyebrows, is like the older high school dude who was cute and nice to everybody: You almost wish he’d be more of a jerk so you didn’t have to pine for him.

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However, most guys would roll the dice for a shot at this local beauty, a producer and newscaster who defies the old saying about having a “face for radio.” She’s hot and, based on her web site, funny too. Whether they are writing about the complex school financing issues, the deteriorating state of the Texas park system, the trials and tribulations of poor old Tom De Lay or the “let them eat cake” spending spree of the Texas Speaker of the House’s wife, these two Austin-based reporters write with clarity and understanding of the political issues they cover and with a deep respect for the public’s right to know.On Monday evening, Paris tweeted her frustration with the matter, clarifying that she wasn’t playing strip poker.The cards she was holding happened to be tarot cards.SELECT subr, words FROM ( SELECT subr, GROUP_CONCAT(word) words, min(reddit_score) reddit_score FROM ( SELECT a.subr, REGEXP_EXTRACT(LOWER(word), "([a-z0-9][a-z-0-9] [';]? Net blog exists for the express purpose of encouraging those who have decided to leave Christianity behind.

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