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Historically, buying a webcam has been an exercise in compromise.

Webcams don’t have the universal appeal of, say, printers, and as such, don’t enjoy an abundance of high-quality choices nor the comfort of well-established industry standards.

Then, from any other computer on your network, type the first PC’s IP address in the address field followed by ) to view the live video feed right in the browser.

Now, the “video” shown on the webcam XP web page is merely a constantly updating still image, which works on any browser and any platform—it’ll even give you live video on an i Phone via Safari.

The IP Camera Direct Show Filter from supports MPEG, H264, MJPEG, and JPEG streams, and is discussed in the previous section.

Once you’ve got a webcam that works, check out the following sections for ways to use it in Windows 7.

An IP camera can transmit a video stream over a network connection, allowing you watch video from a remote location and even embed the video in a web page.

But if you need a true Windows Media stream, fire up the Don’t want to tether your camera to a laptop?

You can turn any composite video source into a wireless IP webcam by connecting it to a “Wireless IP Video Transmitter,” a small box with a Wi Fi antenna.

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