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BDSM 101 Southern Oregon, Fet Life Non-profit organization comprised of volunteers from OR-WA leather community.

MAs T: Corvallis Open to any adult (over 18) who is actively involved in, or actively desiring, a Master/slave relationship as a lifestyle of choice, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or orientation.

Serves, supports sexual minorities communities through fund-raising and other events. Nawashi, Rope Tops, Rope Sluts, m-jo, Sensualists who enjoy being bound, Knot Fetishists, Shibari fanatics, Nawakesho students, Rope bottoms, Masters and slaves who enjoy the passion of being bound, Mummification aficionados, Rope/Binding/Sensuality Enthusiasts. Buffalo Soldier Gang Bang Group, Fet Life Portland. Seeking men that can perform sexual activities in front of others.

Boys/Bois in Leather Service – Rose City For self-identified leatherboys/bois, not based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, or appearance. Main Goal: To put women, wives & subs at the center of attention with nonstop pleasure with multiple partners. Admirers and supporters here for moral support only. PDX, Fet Life One of the two PDX official clothing optional beaches in the Portland area. Use this group to rendezvous with others interested in a day of fun and all-over sun, perhaps even a volleyball game.

Male Improvement in PDX, Fet Life Talk about grooming, self confidence, skills, or anything else that will allow us to build ourselves on confidence, experience, and power.

Anyone with a vested interest in male improvement can join.

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