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Listen to their story without interrupting and then find a way to help.

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Need a way to proactively engage with customers on your website?

Below are seven tips on how to handle angry customers, whether it be on the phone, on a live chat or live help session, or anything else, all without losing your cool.

Looking for a visual, shareable guide covering these tips? Download our infographic on How to Handle Upset Customers.

On 18 July 2017, a Facebook user named Jacky Carranza posted images of an exchange she had with a woman named Paige Doyle, who reportedly told Carranza that she wouldn’t give her an item that she needed, as she did not believe in helping “Hispanics”. Doyle’s profile said she worked for the Advocate hospital system near Chicago — Good Samaritan and Good Shepherd.

Carranza had apparently asked Doyle about a breast milk storage device that Doyle was giving away, and instead of answering her questions, Doyle responded: “Sorry but I’m currently not giving away to any Hispanic [people]”. I just don’t believe in helping such a nasty race of [people]”. We reached out to Advocate (which operates eleven health care facilities in Illinois), and were told by a representative that Doyle did work there as a patient care technician, but resigned before the July 2017 Internet controversy began.

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