Fit and healthy speed dating

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Each start-up will deliver a 30-second pitch to the students, followed by a six-minute window for the students to promote themselves.The best 'matches' are then paired up with the offer of an internship.The Founder of Speed Meet calls me from Delhi around 1.40 pm. Initially hesitant, I get a grip on myself and start speaking to the manager and explain him how the event is going to start and how it will proceed and how it will end. The second reason why the event was running smoothly was that there was a genuine interest and demand to meet people. Yet, the pace at which the event moved forward was a pleasure to watch.He wants to know if I am all set to do this and if I need anything from him. I start numbering the tables, once done labelling all the tables, I explain to the manager how he needs to receive the participants and that he should handover the response sheets and the free drink coupon upon entry itself. As I complete the event, I walk out to the terrace area of the pub where my Gurgaon friend is seated. Maybe as the King says in ‘The Alchemist’, if you help others pursue their passion, your passion will be taken care by default.

Choosing which tech startup to join can be tough for would-be interns.

I choose a corner where I feel least threatened and I now wait for participants to arrive. He had an opportunity to pursue his passion for the first time that day. This is what happened to me and I realised this as I joined my friend for a drink.

The participants were still hanging out inside the pub after the event.

For UP speed daters, it's going to be the workout of their lives - fast-paced, frenetic and fun.

The one-off session will see would-be couples put through their paces together by UP's world-class personal trainers - and hopefully, sparks will fly.

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