Fim reference dn not updating

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), there isn’t much guidance interpreting the errors that appear on the Microsoft FIM server side of things.Also, there’s very little in the way of guidance for those that have had to use Sync. I’ll split this up into a few sections – first will be to verify the Notes side of things in terms of client installation and FIM/Domino server side requirements.At a minimum, set the log file value to ‘3’ (in the file in the same Extension folder) to capture all events and detail.The next few sections will refer to the error strings that were present in this log.

Be very wary of using this sample code for the Domino v8 connector (I’ve tried and failed): vital that you enable the Synchronization Service logging created at: \Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager10\Synchronization Service\Extensions\Lotus Domino Invalid Operation Exception: Unable to access attribute manager.Reference values not accessible on MV objects.” So we need another approach.We need some (non-referential) link to the manager, to be able to search the MV. The only link between the user and manager in AD is still a reference (by DN) and you can’t change that.(There is no other attribute linking them…) As an example : But you can store the DN as string value in an additional attribute like “ADdn” (string).

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