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Here's another case, this time with side by side Eastlake style houses in the town of Hudson, MA probably dating to the 1870s..During this period color would have been used to pick out some of the architectural detail.Again you notice how the version painted in white- while a beautiful house- fails to do justice to the great carpentry.

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The first is to paint a house that would have had many colors just one color, usually white.Some paint companies and websites offer online tools that allow you to upload a photo of your house and "try on" different colors on a computer monitor.One more note: many historic houses in America had windows (and exterior shutters) that were painted dark.They used a reddish brown paint designed to look like the local brownstone and they actually added some brownstone dust into the paint. George Washington used this same technique on Mount Vernon.Of course the good thing about paint schemes is that- unlike getting rid of a house's original windows- they are not permanent.

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