Erin foster dating samantha ronson

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Dixon goes to Sasha's house and finds her cooking a large meal.

She asks him if she wants to eat while watching a movie, but Dixon says he just wants to talk.

They tell him they are afraid she might use again and ask him to convince Adrianna to go to an addict's meeting.

Ryan meets with Jen and asks her why she confronted Ramona. When he goes to pay the bill, she notices he has a huge wad of money and asks where it came from.

He says he had practice, but Harry says he talked to his coach and knows he was kicked out of the team because he missed several meetings. Dixon admits he made a mistake and says he was safe almost every time.

Dixon gets several texts from Sasha while Harry demands an answer for where he has been. Debbie is disappointed that he wasn't protected at all times.

The girls ask her to go to a meeting, but Adrianna says she has a pain that won't stop.Jen says she thinks Ramona has a great personality. Ryan and Jen argue and conclude they are better off if they only see each other. Annie asks him if he is a drug dealer and admits Navid told her he sold drugs.Jasper says he is an idiot to think she is different than everyone else. Jen meets with Pherell from the band and introduces him to Ryan. Ryan says since she introduces him to musicians, he is going to introduce him to his students. Navid goes to Adrianna's house and suggests she go to a meeting.She says she doesn't think she is really pregnant because it is too early for her to get a sonogram.Silver and Naomi tells Navid they are worried about Adrianna.

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