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Also Membership is ONLY for single or married individuals, not couples.

We look forward to meeting you at a party, it's always nice meeting new Members. Leiman Account number: 9081054849 Account type: Savings Branch code: 632005 Payments may be made in cash at any ABSA branch, or by means of an online transfer.

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Johnson explains, "lots of therapy separates the issue and the human being.These therapies claimed that our bodies contain invisible energy pathways – meridians – and identified hundreds of acupoints at junctions along these interconnecting highways.They can be disrupted by life's vicissitudes; in extreme cases, resulting in not only mental but also physical problems.A key part of the therapy is calibrating the intensity of either physical or emotional pain, which allows both therapist and patient a tangible scale by which to measure success.Mark explains that EFT is "especially effective in clearing traumatic memories: accidents, abuse, violence, childhood memories; or even clearing persistent negative messages from family or key people in our lives." We move onto emotional problems, selecting a memory that is difficult, but manageable in the limited time available, and within a classroom environment.

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