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TWO men who picked up women at a popular Gauteng shisa nyama for a night of sex and drinking were allegedly drugged and robbed.Tembisa police are now searching for the two women.He said they were investigating a case of motor vehicle theft.Ralidzhivha appealed to the community to come forward with any information that could lead to an arrest.Diminutive double-ended crochet hooks, they're exactly what you need when you've dropped a stitch or two in your knitting and are working those stitches back up along the "ladder" — the double end allowing you, when needed, to slide the hook through the stitch and grab the next one without removing and reinserting it.You might find yourself deliberately making mistakes just so you can pull out your pretty little repair hooks.Wickedly gorgeous black and white grain dabble and play across the surface of these mystical hooks.Black and White Ebony was loved by royalty, admired by mystics, and is now to be treasured by 300 crocheters across the world.

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They then drove to Lidinga Section in Tembisa after buying the condoms and energy drinks at around 2am."I sat on the couch with one lady and my friend was in the bed with the other woman, naked.

Hooks are a one time investment and trust me when I say that these are hooks that you won't just casually leave lying around because if you take care of these hooks, they will take care of you!

" - Michael Sellick, Crochet Designer Founder of , Canada "Though I usually crochet with the pencil hold, I occasionally use the knife grip - and this hook was incredibly comfortable in both positions.

A repair hook is, in its essence, a thing of beauty.

But in the case of these bone and ebony versions, they are literally beautiful to hold and behold.

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