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And just as a head’s up, I’ve actually been thinking about this topic a LOT lately In fact, I’ve spent the past three weeks writing and producing a massive training webinar on the formula I use to write all of my marketing pieces, which I’ll be posting online towards the end of the month. Below, is the lead magnet Eben (David De Angelo) was using at the time that letter ran starting in 2001 all the way to about 2009.For those of you who thought that you needed a complex website to make money online… Why are you worried about Twitter marketing when you don’t have an offer to send folks to? Why worry about becoming an expert in Facebook marketing when you don’t have an offer? “Ok, punk, but what about the second step of making money after someone becomes a lead? From the headline on your Facebook or banner ad, to the copy on your sales page, or the script of your sales video…You have to sell remotely to people you will never see or meet, and copywriting is superpower that gives you that ability.But the question remains: Sadly, the answer is a bit boring. And chances are you probably still haven’t done it. Ryan Moran Ryan’s motto is “live life to the fullest.” And, he certainly lives up to the challenge. and by the age of 20, he was earning a 6-figure income and other online ventures – all while continuing to study full time. With that vision in mind, Ryan created the Freedom Publishing Group LLC, which offers life-changing products in the financial freedom, health and fitness, and self-development spaces.And after reading this post, only a few of you are actually going to do it… This week, I am re-reading The Four Hour Work Week, and I’m reminded why it was so impactful for me the first time through. What you DO need is: – an offer that converts – traffic (comes naturally after you have an offer) – consistent money making actions to your leads (emails and promotions) If everyday, you did just these things and ONLY these things… As a freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University, Ryan started a small internet business from his dorm room to help pay his tuition . Needless to say, Ryan’s “side business” allowed him to graduate debt free – with a nice chunk of change left over. The Freedom Fast Lane is a group of likeminded entrepreneurs who have a passion for sharing their skills to help others succeed in achieving their dreams.

If they had a lot of colors and pretty graphics, you'd be distracted.

His dating empire reportedly pulled in a good million per year, although he sold it recently to focus on his business-growth products.

Dissect this sales letter & you'll see why it did so amazingly well.

others the massive opportunity that is, selling information products online.

Eben Pagan (pen name David De Angelo) first released the book in 2001 after building a loyal following on dating forums.

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