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"Cocky Comedy and Other Conversation Skills" is designed to teach men how to attract and get women addicted to them using cocky comedy.It helps men understand the importance of laughter and the attraction women have for men with a sense of humour.Compared to what you COULD learn about women and dating, this could be considered basic.Yet, this ebook is still one of the most popular “first reads” for beginners.Bought this one after the double your dating ebook because one my problems was, I was a bit boring in conversations.At least I asked a girlfriend of mine for her honest feedback and that's what she said, and I think she was right. I've practiced this style of banter and integrated it into my own Mystery Method style, because I never was comfortable doing negs etc, so I replace it with Cocky & Funny, with good results. I thought it would have a formula like do this and do that and it will be CF but it's not broken down like that. I definitely need the help and practice cause I just come off like a dick. I felt his guest speakers were far better than he was, and while it was a technique program, it was more of an attitude shifter, in which you're attitude was changed so you can be a playful, confident, guy who jerks women around, builds attraction, and is in control of the situation.

but i think i already had a firm understanding of cocky comedy, so the program didn't really help me, but i still think its good to have all the programs, so i guess i'd rate it about 6/10, still a welcome edition. The reason for this is its simple language and no nonsense approach.The author, David De Angelo, explains everything in a way that any guy can relate to.It is still being described as life-changing by many.It is also the first book that many “advanced”, experienced guys recommend to their friends who are just getting started.

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