Does updating iphone delete everything

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Windows users can use the Help menu in i Tunes and click "Check for Update." Once you've gone through this checklist and prepared your device for the update, prepare yourself to hold off on updating until later in the day after you get home or have some time away from work.

Apple typically releases the update midmorning or early in the afternoon, depending on your time zone.

"I tried to make some purchases in Apple Store but I got the message, ‘Unable to Purchase.

Please try again later.’ This always happens when I try to update or install apps.

Should anything go wrong, you'll be able to restore your device with the same settings and information currently stored on it.

The more recent the backup, the more recent the information capable of being restored will be.

In the past, there have been occurrences of the activation servers going down, leaving users with a device they can't use.

If you try to update while at work or away from home only to find yourself in a similar situation, you won't be able to restore your device until later in the day when the servers are stabilized.

You can check for the updated version of i Tunes on Apple's site shortly after the release of i OS 7, or check for software updates on your Mac by clicking on the Apple Menu icon followed by Software Update.Many users have this problem, in general, you can backup and then if you lost contacts, you can recover by backup files.On Wednesday, Apple released a highly anticipated update to i OS devices: i OS 7.The new version is a complete departure from prior versions of i OS.The update brings an entire new look and feel to i OS devices, which in turn will likely lead to late-night calls from your parents asking why their phone or i Pad looks so different. In addition to the new look, there's a long list of new features such as a new Control Center, photo filters, and Air Drop.

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