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There is a caveat -- the robot would have to be a "perfect match." That seemingly would be easier to find than dating a real person (robots are programmable, after all). The results were published by Nesta, the UK's Innovation foundation, to promote its Future Fest festival.

A lot of people find themselves wondering how many dates they are going to have to go on before they will be able to find a compatible partner.

Listen to Your Instinct Always go with what your gut tells you.

If your instincts are telling you that this person is no good, then move on.

This is something that you will find a lot of people have different decisions on.A lot of people will find themselves in a pattern that they cannot get out of where they keep dating the same person over and over again.This can prevent them from finding the right person.There is no age that you should retire from dating.As long as you are single and are looking for people that you want to meet and potentially be with, then there is nothing wrong with going out on dates.

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    Iʼve heard that choosing marriage for anyone can raise doubts and fears.

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