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Couples who meet online aren't more likely to be hookups.

In fact, couples who met through internet dating actually transitioned to marriage faster, because there are advantages in knowing more about the person before you meet them.

The old ways were kind of ad hoc, and happenstance.

You meet somebody at the bar, or your mom maybe knew somebody who had a kid who was your age, and it was her idea that the two of you would be perfect together, even though usually she didn't really know that other person."The internet and the phone apps give people more control.

It used to be that if you were a woman, you had to have the support of either a husband or a father to put food on the table.You weren't gonna make it in this world on your own. People make it in this world on their own, women can support themselves, they don't need to get married, and we're living longer.So there's less hurry to settle down, and I think the less hurry is good in a lot of ways, because a lot of the marriages that people formed when they were too young to know themselves, those marriages didn't last."I've interviewed some people who I considered to be sort of refugees from the land of committed relationships.Beforehand — and I remember from my college days — girlfriends of mine would have boyfriends where they didn't feel like it was right, but they said, 'But I don't wanna start going out every night, I don't wanna have to go to the bar every night and meet somebody.' Those days are no longer.En español | You've fallen for someone 20 years younger, and he/she for you.

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