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Moonlight Wishes - Weeknights & Saturdays, 8pm-5am (automated music).

DJs Hill Billy Willy (station manager, formerly from 93.9 WKC and RJ FM 100.3) Princess Leigh Alice Jelly Kiss (Jelly Soriano, formerly Alex/Pam Pomelo of 97.9 Home Radio/Natural) Flynn Rider (Rodel Flordeliz) Russell (Rheena Villamor) Uncle Harry (Manuel Tanaotanao Jr., formerly Brother Bear of 91.5 Big Radio, Papa Bear of Brgy.

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I've also met a poly man in real life who was attractive. There are plenty of self-identified poly-amorous folks on this board who I'm sure will be happy to chime in. If the OP is genuinely interested, she'd be better served by apologizing and starting another thread.

So is polyamorous just another name for open marriage or swingers? Why get married of you want to sleep with other people? Thanks for reminding me of the good looking other half ;) ). The polyamorous have relationships with people besides their spouse. Or would have been, had the well not been poisoned from the start.

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According to Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen, more than 70 percent of Tinder’s users are between 18 and 24 years old, and 20 percent are between 25 and 34.“You have to have a Facebook account with at least 50 friends,” he said.“We kind of depend on Facebook to authenticate users for us, so you don’t really see fake users on Tinder, which you do see on other applications.”At Yogurtland, the men quickly realized they’d all shown up in search of the same, imaginary dream girl, but most laughed off their mistake.

How is that a healthy arrangement for a lasting relationship? So they claim to love others other than their main SO?

Is there a main couple who then pursues side relationships or is it several couples swinging it up? Why get married of you want to sleep with other people? If she just wants to judge people without understanding, there's no reason for any of the poly folks to take part.

They wanted to create a fake Facebook account, register with Tinder, and see how many guys would show up to meet a girl they knew almost nothing about.

Roughly 250 guys “liked” her back, which then allowed private messages to happen.

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