Dating western knives

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The key for us was improving our production methods and making them as labor efficient as possible while also maintaining a high level of quality control.

Doing so allowed us to consider scalability to ensure that we can meet demand.

Like any tough but fair feedback, it was hard to hear. We went back to the drawing board and looked for inspiration in many places: furniture, cars, aircraft, app interfaces, other kitchenware, and even pots and pans.

When you’re immersed in making knives, all you think about is grind angles, rockwell numbers, and your heat treatment formula, but many of our customers have other priorities.Most importantly, we were not limited to pinning two slabs to the side of our blade, we could get creative.This, of course, came with some manufacturing and assembly downsides. We can install liners between the frame and scales or even between the frame and bolster with little effort.What made us focus on the western design was a chance discussion with my friend Steve, an avid knife collector.In general, he told us he really liked the design of our blades but was less-than-inspired by the handles, which he thought looked too similar to what was already on the market. Most everyone making Japanese-style uses a version of the wa handle, and differentiating yourself in an ever growing crowd is difficult without doing something very different.

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