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These hits are often related to charity, often practised by religious organizations.Please remember, the Netherlands basically is a country of ministers and farmers, its our legacy.I'm not saying anything about the Dutch turn "kwetsbaren", and how it is or might be used or understood in the Netherlands.I'm saying that, in English, in the UK, the term "vulnerable people/groups" is often used these days to refer to exactly these kinds of people, which is why I suspect that it might be better to use it rather than resort to some forced-sounding, more literal translation.

meanwhile I'd like to ask: "abandoned and downtrodden". though it sounds a bit old fashioned for a group of people defined in 2002. If all your friends have abandoned you, you're "destitute of friends." If you are applying for a job as a waitress but have never worked in a restaurant in any capacity, you're "destitute of experience." Please also have a look at the image in the link of the poem.

some information about this would go a long way towards ensuring that whatever term we choose fits well in the surrounding text.

Ik denk dat je geen betere context kan hebben dan die koppeling van FF, in ieder geval gaat het om die 'verkommerden en verloederden'.

As for context, as I said already in the other posting, it's for a glossary dating back to those times, so unfortunately I have no more context, but I did find quite some information on the web. "niet of niet voldoende in de eigen bestaansvoorwaarden kunnen voorzien" When you think of the word destitute, which means poor or lacking other necessities of life, think of someone who is in desperate straits. Daarnaast moet je 'verloederden' niet te letterlijk nemen.

'verloederden' kan ook gekozen zijn onder de druk om er een alliteratie van te maken.

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