Dating vintage fender guitars

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A letter from the original owner detailing the chain of ownership is also important and it should be notarized.Defacing a vintage instrument is never a good idea, as even an authentic signature will usually hurt the collector value.There are three pages in total: 1950's, 1960's and 1970's!This PDF file has the infamous "JASS BASS" misspelling on the warranty registration card which is on page 12. This file came from member "Bassclef" at the Fender Jazz Bass Forum. This page is a gateway to a wealth of information on vintage electric basses by Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Hagstrom, Gretsch, Hofner, Epiphone, Guild, Harmony, Vox, Ampeg, Danelectro and Kalamazoo. Very educational and very fun site with tons of historical information. - Fender color offerings changed periodically which can help with dating.- I personally cooked up this four-page printable WORD document applicable to practically all Fender guitars and basses ever produced from day 1 in the back room of Leo Fender's radio shop up till this very moment. The Field Guide includes ALL serials from 1950 to 2011! "THE BROTHER DAVE POT CODE DECODER RING" allows you to date any USA made pot with just a mere GLANCE! General specifications, serial numbers, neck codes, Fender vintage guitar case logos. I refer to his NECK CODE and POT CODE pages frequently.- If you suspect an instrument has been modified to hide the true country of origin but you have the original serial number, then the country code reveals where it was made. Com site addendum page.- Often Ibanez instruments are very difficult to date, but this tool seems to be an excellent dating method. Keep a copy in your car's glovebox for those pawn shops, flea markets and yard sale finds where you don't have computer access. (You're welcome.) - Overview of collecting vintage Fender guitars, basses and amps. - His website is primarily geared toward vintage 6-string guitars, but much of the information is applicable to basses as well when it comes to dating.Fender Serial Number Lookup for Guitar and Bass Guitar Dating Leo Fender started building electric guitars back in 1950 and produced his first bass guitar a year later.Fender guitars and basses are easily the most popular instruments ever made.

The past two years has been a better time to buy a vintage instrument than to sell one as prices have been depressed and buyers few. The fact that the actual final values on vintage bass transactions are rising is a sure sign that the recession is either ending or in fact is already over.

However over the past few years "actual value" was bringing a smaller percentage of the appraisal value than three or four years ago when the economy was better.

Vintage instruments are again beginning to sell and the actual sale prices are starting to rise again.

Also knowing the appraisal value gives you a starting point for setting a price to sell an instrument, plus you will have an accurate and authoritative description to use when advertising it for sale and can quote the appraisal value and appraiser's name.

Usually an appraisal will contain information you were not aware of that would be of significant interest to potential buyers.

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