Dating tips for international students

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If you’re looking to host your own, you may therefore want to take a few precautions.

Make sure that none of your guests is prone to tearing down walls – you’re the one who’ll have to pay for it in the end.

Covering your bases So you’ve received your student visa and you’re set to start classes, but don’t yet know where you’re going to sleep tonight?

Hardly any German undergraduates live on campus in Berlin and the other major cities.

And if you make it, you’ll have a proper room, maybe even a balcony - your own first little home. Akademische Viertelstunde - academic quarter of an hour At the start of the semester your inner model student surfaces and pushes you to be punctual for class.

If you do end up arriving on the hour though, you may be the first person there.

While our club/association culture isn't nearly as big as those in the US or Britain, joining a debating club or political association at your German university is definitely a way to get you started. Pick up a hobby like rowing, or improve your German reading at a book club, and soon enough you’ll be surrounded by a consistent group of fun German friends. WG-parties And once you get invited to your first WG-parties over Facebook (yes, we still use FB to organise our get-togethers), you know you’ve cast a spell on German youth.

Be warned, not all Germans are born with an uncanny ability to arouse the masses. Last semester I tried to engage my professors in as many conversations as possible and took more away from it than from any of their two-hour readings.

It’s also advisable to chose a class with a young instructor – many of them have studied abroad and are familiar with more innovative and engaging teaching methods than those taught in Germany. Freunde finden - making friends Many of my international friends in Germany have told me that making friends with Germans can be a long shot.

Especially in big cities where university campuses often extend over several districts, you may meet people once and never seen them again.

At German universities it’s common practice to schedule all exams for the end of the term and give hardly any assignments throughout the semester.

Use those first months to let the sun shine on your belly, because when the time comes, you'd better be ready to study and puke, study and puke… Teaching Which brings us to the issue of teaching (or trying to anyway).

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