Dating tips for christian teenagers

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While pop culture might romanticize relationships and make you believe the right partner will take all of your pain away and make your worries vanish, you will be the healthiest version of yourself and a great partner if you do not put your own happiness in the hands of anyone else.

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While it is common to date, it might feel tricky to determine if your romantic relationships are healthy, unhealthy or somewhere in between.He or she will be there to celebrate your successes, will listen attentively when you share about your day and will be a shoulder to cry on after an argument with your parents.A healthy relationship is not all play without work.It is important to think about what brings you happiness and make time for your interests, hobbies, goals and values.For instance, if you love to dance and your partner enjoys being on the debate team, your relationship will be stronger if you both invest time in your separate interests.

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