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You can rely on it..has good customer service and a good reputation...

Personally I think it's up there with We Just at the pinnacle of the online dating sector.

It's not surprising that mental health problems and prostitution are at all time highs. I browsed through the male members..i wonder why is this site called "beautifulpeople". People always told me that I am a decent looking guy, so I decided to give it a try.

This website and all the rest of them should be investigated by the fraud police. I admit that the members from Korea, Japan are really good looking. Surprisingly only 30% of the voters liked my profile.

Sometimes people become beautiful after you get to know them. Ciz after seeing their members I didnt wanna be checked out by ugly fat men or bald ones within 2 hours on that site o took my profile off before uglies could vote. Really suddenly was a pop there showing there our latest member s. So in conclusion the answer is no it's not free after 48 hrs....

Rather than a dating site, it looks like a photo gallery. I subscribed and was easily accepted, and tried to pay for one month. Lol ewww I was shocked to see some fat dude in 50s lol.

I did meet someone so at least two users are real her and me, LOL:) But let's be honest here: Most women are average looking and Photoshop is their favorite tool:) In my opinion the average user on Beautiful People is not better looking than the average user on other well established dating sites like Mingle2day.

I have been laid with alot of women by meeting them in person at work and on nights out but have never gotten laid from a dating site. I've been commented as gorgeous and beautiful, so why did I not make grade.. This is a real scam, for over 10 months dey took 20/month of the visa card!!! I just signed up, it takes 2 days until people vote your picture and decide if they let you in. I have joined Beautifulpeople and uploaded my best pics.

The premium services won't shed any light on what type of person is attracted to you, and there are virtually no people on the site actually looking to date.

I wonder why you would want to join a dating site like this?

Good news first: I was accepted, LOL:) I totally disagree with anyone claiming that this site is a scam.

I think this site is above average and don't see any reason to believe it is's a scam.

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