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Each woman was presented with a NWHM button with the quote, “Northern Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range is home to the largest Iron ore deposit in the world.

Since red iron ore was discovered in 1890 by the Merritt brothers, men have toiled in the iron mines, that is until 1974 when 9 of the country’s largest steel companies signed a consent decree with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the U. Department of Justice and the Labor Department requiring the industry’s mines to provide 20% of its new jobs to women and minorities.

She had had enough, so she filed a complaint with the State Department of Human Rights in October of 1984.

The State found probable cause and requested that the mine institute a sexual harassment policy and pay punitive damages for mental anguish.

Pornographic pictures and graffiti began showing up everywhere around the mine, dildos modeled out of waterproofing material appeared in the women’s workplaces, lewd jokes and unwelcome physical contact form co-workers and supervisors became everyday occurrences.

As more women were hired the harassment just got worse.

The women were also a part of the union and it was unacceptable practice to rat on your union brothers, but as they women quickly found out, the union officials were also men and that fact superseded everything, even union loyalties.

The women learned to deal with their work environment in their own ways.

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Some carried weapons for self-defense, others took sick days to recover from attacks, and as a result of it all, their mental health continued to decline, they found themselves becoming people they and their family and friends did not recognize.

It all came to a head in 1984 when Lois Jenson was stalked by a salaried co-worker who broke into her home and threatened her son.

The union still refused to help her and management promised to transfer him but it never happened.

As a result of not having facilities, many of the women would stop drinking and have to hold their urine for hours resulting in dehydration and severe bladder and kidney infections.

When the women continued to complain many of the men would justify the behavior and call it “teasing” or “just having fun” and they would excuse it by saying it was just part of their culture, but the women viewed it as hostile, threatening, and humiliating.

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