Dating show freakout

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He tells Trina she won't be able to go out Friday night because she's getting her wisdom teeth out on Friday afternoon.

Tori laughs until her dad says that she'll have to take care of Trina since he and their mom will be in Santa Barbara all weekend, which they just use as an excuse to avoid taking care of her.

Tori wishes she could go but tells them she has to spend her weekend taking care of Trina.

Taking care of Trina after her wisdom teeth are taken out proves to be really difficult.

The series will be distributed concurrently by CBS Studios International on Netflix in 188 countries and in Canada on Bell Media’s Space channel and OTT service Crave TV.

There's a new Plinko master in town and his freak out after breaking the "Prince Is Right" record on today's show is nothing short of epic.

Upon dating someone new, some people fall head over heels, become totally besotted and start planning the rest of their lives together within a few weeks.

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Really, it’s a compliment and we should admire someone’s optimism that you’ll still be into each other however far down the line it may be.

Since Tori was washing her hair, Trina tells him Tori has plans, but that she is hotter and free on Friday, so he asks Trina to play glow-in-the-dark mini golf on Friday night instead. Jade: (to Hayley) Like when he tells you you're pretty!

When Tori finds out, she gets mad and tries to bludgeon Trina with their dad's new camera stand until their dad intervenes. Jade: You know, you might wannabe shutting your face there.

The series premiere will also be available on-demand on CBS All Access and the second episode of the series will be available on the service that same night immediately following the broadcast premiere. Plot details for the show have been kept under wraps, but “The Walking Dead” alum Sonequa Martin-Green leads the series as Lt. She stars alongside Jason Isaacs, Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh, and Anthony Rapp among others.

24 at p.m./c on CBS, though that time is approximate due to NFL Football and “60 Minutes” also airing that night. “It’s important to get it right, and ‘Star Trek’ is the family jewels,” Moonves said.

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