Dating secrets for marrying a good man

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Virgo doesn't look for someone for a night stand....

Lol..a "material." Russ Lee from Lincoln in England is your classic Virgo..



yes they lie, cheat, try and convince you that you're the problematic issue and underneath all the bravado lies a lonely loner who likes to keep secrets because it makes them feel superior and different from others, simply because they dont like to be judged ..

trying to be flawless to Virgo's is important to them but running away when they dont want someone to know something makes them into a living Wimp ... You will feel like as if you are stuck with a zombie. His lack of passion and intensity brings everything down.yah your mood too.

Normal on the outside and then you get to know them! Addictions, fascination with pornography and the constant underlying hatred of women.

Other signs of the zodiac MIGHT have these tendencies, however, the Virgo man WILL definately have them.

I don't think all Virgo men are going around to cheat or lie.

They see themselves as innocent thats why they deny all the Heinous things they do and they hate anyone pointing this out .. While having sex with him you will feel like something is missing.

Untill he met me :)) and thats excatly what I did .. Gone forever and always forgotton :0 )) Leave him.. But it will take time and money to get my own place,etc. HE WAS 42 YEARS OLD AND HAD BEEN SINGLE HIS ENTIRE LIFE!!! Now I understand why.thought it was because he wanted the best,being such a perfectionist(also becauseof his massive low self esteem issues) I could go on and on about how terrible this guy is. Virgos can not communicate, are not romantic at all and very harsh. Have you ever seen a machine having sex with a human?? And at your surprise he will turn around and go to sleep after having sex--you will feel like a whore(paid and used). I never ever need a man like that in my life again.............

I could not believe it and the sex wasn't the greatest. Then he said I had issue because i blew up and told him I was done with him and his annoying attitude swings. Never had time maybe 1 a week or 1 biweekly for 2-3 hours. So I wonder why would astrology say we were so compatible. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM HAVE HAD THE SAME TRAITS , STRANGE I KNOW BUT TRUE.

I felt as if i was with a child this men was 42 yrs old. I had my own apartment and he would not want to stay over. No it got worst, Always talked about his dream never we. I am a loving caring person in every sense he is totally abrut and a grouch. Why waste time criticizing Virgos, why not go out and look for a non Virgo guy without any problems,. THEY SUFFER FROM THE PROBLEM OF COMMUNICATION CONSTIPATION.

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