Dating running out of things to talk about

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We also tend to jump from topic to topic, with seemingly no connection between them, so that you start off talking about peanut allergies, and end up debating the merits of Final Fantasy VII vs X, in the space of five minutes.

If you’re having trouble figuring this out, get together with some friends one evening, pull out your phone, hit record, and leave it on the table.

When you’re hanging out with your homies, does the conversation sometimes end ? But talking to someone you’re attracted to is a different story. ” Here’s how you make sure that never happens, and you never run out of things to say.

All of a sudden, ordinary stuff you do all the time becomes impossible. When you speak to a woman, during the conversation, she will give you clues as to what to say next, by mentioning something about herself.

Maybe your cousin gave birth, or you went to an awesome Halloween party with a haunted house, or you tried the greatest burger in the universe at a new restaurant that opened up in your neighborhood.

Before I’d worked on any other part of my game, at 20 sets per week on a BIG week, I was going to have to spend 40 weeks on this??? Not on learning reframing, disqualification, or anything else. I’m not talking about building that chemistry or pushing her buttons, I’m just talking about having fun conversations. Guys get so caught up trying to do those intricate games and structures that they forget to listen to what she’s actually giving them.

They work and work until they get good and then, they hit their next road block – running out of things to say.

Whenever I draw a blank in conversation, my favorite trick is to grab whatever she says, then go on a tangent by saying “that reminds me of X.” You can use it at any time, as long as your story is slightly related.

When all the tips above fail, and when you’re really stuck, there’s always the backup plan: stories you prepared before leaving your house.

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