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In the "28-Panfilov," all this is not a realistic film to the limit, and this will please any fan of military history, like me.

I very much awaited release of the film, and believed in him.

The film is not shot no one famous actor that is also likely to play into the hands.

But what is really there, the normal film about this war we have, in fact, and not removed.

"Brest Fortress" stands out, of course, but it is not quite realistic - after all the drama and all the love stories are present there.

Set in 19th century Imperial Russia, the story revolves around a retired army veteran who makes a good living by settling duels for aristocrats, a common practice of the era. He risks losing it all at once because of a scandalous video that just ... Can Mitya and his friends convince Vasya to change her mind? After the devastating Spitak earthquake of December 7th, Konstantin Berezhnoy, a 50-year-old Russian, and Robert Melkonyan, a 28-year-old Armenian, work together to rescue the desperate survivors.

See full summary » The film is set in the 60s of the 20th century, during the Cold War and the space race between USSR and the United States. He's got a high income and a solid reputation among his colleagues. The problem is that Mitya is still married to Vasya, who refuses to grant him a divorce.

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