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Freckling to the surface of the blade, Hollow ground etched into the right side of the blade. Made in Germany, Nice bamboo scales, marked with the Boker 'Tree Brand'. Single sided, (I noticed a second person at Eve's feet in this pattern that I have not seen in others like it). Pictures: , Made in Germany and patented in the US. It is so perfect that I had to take a close-up of the pin area to see the grain of the bone.

The original box is present and inscribed to the LEE Hardware C, King Cutter. Square end, gimps on top of the shank, long monkey tail. Pictures: , Peter Michels Brooklyn NY (made for him in Germany) 5/8" wide, 'Cracked Ice' scales has silver bands around the ends on each side, the obverse side has a silver panel: Tru-Edge. This razor has been finished with a Shave Ready edge and is ready to go. They made many novelty razors in the 20's and 30's. Forums indicate that this is a rare maker who used superior steel. If you restore razors, this will be a real prize for you.

It appears that on the obverse side of the shank is a rendering of Columbus with a flag. it wouldn't take much to make this one shave ready. Nice old razor with bone scales and a lead wedge which is indicative of a razor made in the early to mid 1800's. The early arrow with the cross on the right side of the arrow and 'B' in a circle on the left end.

square end to blade but it could use some work on the hone and strop. Most of the color between the bamboo segments is still there. There are some initials scratched into the surface of the bone but not ledge able.

plain black scales, very clean blade with small marks or stains that can be cleaned up. Medium Size Hollow Ground etched into blade, 11/16" wide blade, barbers notch, no gimps, black scales, Shave ready. Light discoloration to both sides of the blade, but I didn't think that I wanted to remove it and damage the motto. 5 Pictures: (VERY EARLY) Beautiful old humped backed razor with original 'coffin' box. The box is pressed cardboard with The bas relief cross and 'B' in a circle on either end of the arrow. The shaving edge has no damage but is in need of a good stropping. This was used on American razors prior to the 1820's. 3/4" wide, double pinned, matching box in excellent condition. It appears that someone has tried to take care of the damage with a hone, but this will take an expert. Only surface staining on the blade, it needs a light honing and stropping. The gold leaf in the bottoms of the impressed logo on the leather box is gone so it is difficult to make out what the rest of the logo says. The box keeps the rouge away from the owner's clothing during the trip. Fine grained red hone (like Swaty) with no damage to the edges nor surface. There is no way that they could damage an edge of a razor, but it would look better.

Lee Beattie, who is friends with Mr Douglas' wife, shared the image on Twitter along with the caption: 'Guy on right is the husband of my friend.

Guy on left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night!

The Scales are made of bone, and is very resilient to breaking. The blade is 13/16" wide with a square end and nice humps, gimps on both the top and bottom of the Shank. The mirror finish to the blade has but one small dark spot that can be cleaned up easily. The scales are beautiful Art Deco on the obverse and reverse with a stippled background. Holler made blades for Germany in WWI and WWII and some of the most collectible swords for collectors of Third Reich swords. I could not find any Larkin in any of my razor lists. There are small nicks in the blade's edge, but with a little patience, you can shave with one of the finest razors ever made. French ivory with silver bands on either end with the Twin Man logo on one end. 0 Pictures: , ( Real Damascus steel) FRAME BACK: The shank is brass and has a slot milled into it to accommodate the blade. The blade has no rust, but is slightly discolored, the edge needs honing, square end. Nice light razor with the Logo of the 'B', the 'Arrow' and the Maltese Cross stamped into the shank. 9/16" wide blade with some water marks that can barely be felt with the fingernail. The box is original stiff cardboard with expected wear.

It is in need of a bit of work on a hone and some stropping. 11/16" wide blade, black plastic scales with a white plastic wedge. Nice piece but has some marks on the blade and is in need of a session on a hone and strop. A small screw in the end of the brass holds the blade to secure it in place but it is loose. The diamond shaped logo on the shank reads: Registered 10 Sept (on the top) IXL (in the middle) 1850 No 243 (on the bottom) The scales are buffalo horn with the following inscription pressed in and filled with gold at one time: "The doubly carbonized IXL Razor is warranted to be the cleanest shaving razor, to possess the most durable edge, & that every razor is equally good" The brass has been abused in trying to seat the blade in a solid manner but that can be forgiven. I bought it from a walk-in at a gun show in Helena, Montana in 1969. The name has nothing to do with the name of the company, just use your imagination... Great special order blade with all the extras: Barber's notch, double sided matching scales. You have the pleasure of removing the original soap in the grooves on the scales. A good value at Pictures: (there is a hallmark of a star over a stylized group of letters) Etching to Hollow ground blade: Extra Hollow Ground over FULLY WARRANTED.

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