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The department will review appropriate documentation to see whether there are reasonable grounds to request a statement from the company's directors.

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Although the Company has the ability and intention to hold these four instruments to maturity until recovery of fair value at or above cost and does not have the ability to cause liquidation of the issuers of these instruments, the Corporation has appropriately applied the provisions of EITF 99-20 in accounting for these instruments to present consistent accounting for all its principal protected investments, regardless of whether consolidation is required.

This Standard requires that when management is aware of material uncertainties about the entity’s ability to continue as a going concern, those uncertainties shall be disclosed.

The submitter thinks that guidance about these disclosures is unclear and asked: At the November 2012 meeting the Interpretations Committee requested that proposals for a narrow-scope amendment to IAS 1 should be prepared to provide further guidance on this topic.

If additional taxes are payable there will be surcharges levied on the under paid tax.

When a tax refund is requested, the Revenue Department will perform a tax audit on the company’s activities before any refund is paid.

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