Dating powerful women

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So, pay more attention to the color of her dress, makeup, and accessories next time you see her—her choice may be more strategic than you think, at least according to this study.

The two men who were chosen for the study were relatively close in terms of attractiveness but one was just above the midline and the other just below it.)When the ladies arrived at the study location, they were told the assistant was unavailable so someone else would be conducting it.

But it's not just about what she wears clothing-wise.

Red lipstick, a red necklace, purse, or any other accessory can also indicate her interest, say the study authors. (The researchers included pink, red, and scarlett, but not "atypical" shades of red like orange, maroon, or purple.)"This research reveals a subtle but potentially powerful sexual strategy that women use to attract highly desirable mates while potentially avoiding unattractive ones," the study authors conclude.

I have experienced many types of strong women over the years.

Some were creative types, some business women, some stay at home moms, some single working moms, some were Grandmothers and they were grand indeed.

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