Dating owens illinois bottles

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Generally, next came heavy metal screw caps (both sides of WWII), which in turn were replaced by plastic screw caps (1950's - 1980's), which were then replaced by light metal or plastic screw caps with a clinch (1970's - now).Other forms of capping, such as rip-caps, were used at various times and some were popular in some countries and not others.Starting November 18th 1989 government health warning labels were required on all liquor bottles sold in the United States.This regulation does not apply to alcoholic beverages produced, imported, bottled, or labeled for export from the U. Bruce) FLORIDA: Decal tax stamps were used from 1934 to June 30th 1969.This was published by both ourselves in mi Ni Z and by the Midwest Club in their newsletter.Jim revised the article in 2004 and that is the version reproduced here.

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The first place to look with straight bottles is the closure. A bottle with a cork is likely to be, at least, pre-WWII.In late 1979 USA distillers moved from ounces and 1/10 pints to 50 ML as the standard unit of measure.In 1982 the Federal Tax Seal Strip was again modified when the word "DISTILLED" replaced "TAX PAID" on the bottom left and the word "SPIRITS" replaced "DISTILLED SPIRITS" on the bottom right side of the Seal Strip.Another invaluble source is Miniature Bottle Collector Magazine (MBC). From 1918 to 1929 the Owens Bottle Company's trademark was a circle inside a square on the bottom of the bottle.Back issues of this can be ordered from the former editor, David Spaid (email address on MBC Page), or can be read on-line on this web site. Anyone who has information to help with dating miniature bottles is invited to Dating (mainly) US Straight Bottles by Jim Crawford From 1873 to 1929 the Illinois Glass Company's trademark was an "I" inside a diamond and "I. In both cases the 1 or 2 digit number to the right of the trademark indicates the year the bottle was made.

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