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We’re also promoting the new album coming, “Reasons.” The first single, “Distance” I co-directed and shot in South Africa. It’s really all about the album so that’s currently what’s going on. So when they see me it’s, “Oh that’s Omarion from ‘You Got Served’” or “'Touch' was my favorite song” or “I remember when you was in the group” or “‘Post To Be’ that’s my jank.” I think it was time to really take it to another level especially for the type of cultural awareness that people have now.

I’m an inner city kid and I remember for whatever reason people not traveling and getting to learn about culture and why they say we come from Africa.

It’s a more mature approach and more seasoned sound.It’s been almost three years since singer Omarion's last album “Sex Playlist” dropped.At 32, he’s ready to take his fans to another level with his upcoming album “Reasons” that is expected to be released this month.As a proud father to his adorable children A’mei and Megaa, one could call them his “mini me's.” He smiled as he showed us videos of the two dancing. Omarion: Originally we came out here for CIE, which is Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s non-profit organization.Like father, like son, at just 3-years-old, Megaa has moves like his father as he dances in front of a mirror to Drake’s “One Dance.”Eating wings and fries, the singer opened up about life, music, fatherhood, and love. It was a panel with great panelists about entertainment, lending our experience and expertise about the industry and challenges within the music industry. I’m a visual artist, but a lot of people know me from different things.

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