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We grew up with Bridget Jones, we’ve been aware of our 30s approaching since we were teenagers.” A recent NY Magazine article said: “Most of us aren’t scrambling to lock down boyfriends by age 25 — we’re busy building our careers.These days college women tell reporters that they prefer hookups because being coupled up too young interferes with your professional trajectory.” It isn’t surprising that more young women are having casual sex instead of trying to “lock down boyfriends.” Women who are planning on having children and long-term partners know that also means monogamy.The fertility countdown ticks away constantly in the head of every 20-something-year-old girl, reminding her of the menopause, IVF and adoption.It doesn’t matter if she wants to have children or not – she can still hear the damn countdown.

But if you’re younger, then you have more options.” But it isn’t just the relationship side of things that girls are struggling with.On the plus side, it won’t influence her to run straight to the nearest guy and beg for a wedding ring and a sperm count, because that’s more the kind of thing that happened in the 1950s.Now modern gals use the countdown as more of a reminder to hurry up and crack on with their to-do lists.We may have the same goals as our male counterparts, but we know that we have a countdown for them.If we want to have babies without resorting to expensive and exhausting IVF treatments, we have to figure out how to get into a stable financial position by the time we’re in our thirties (and still fertile).

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