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Four individuals both wrote and directed the same episode: Bruce Feirstein, Robert T. The doctor, angry at the farmer's belief in superstition, tries to expose the Feverman as a fraud but not only learns the truth but also that there is a price to pay for faith.Directed by Michael Gornick, later a producer on the show.Sherrie (Mary Cadorette), a construction foreman, leads worker Phil (Jeff Conaway) and his buddy into the basement of an office building to find a fellow worker whom she believes is goofing off.

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Michael Reaves and Benjamin Carr (writing as "Neal Marshall Stevens") each wrote four episodes. Emerson Smith, and Haskell Barkin each wrote three scripts, while Harvey Jacobs, David Misch, Paul Dini, Michael Mc Dowell, David Odell, and Dan Simmons each wrote two.

Each person can make up part of the story, but only so long as a match burns.

Paul's story seems to be coming true: When he mentions thunder, thunder rumbles; when he mentions the clock striking midnight, the clock in the house chimes.

But no mother should let a guest leave the house hungry... Dale discovers the dead man's makeup kit, and to gain inspiration puts on some of the makeup to act out his favorite horror roles. Merrick (Kin Shriner), a young man who believes in goofy conspiracy theories and myths, brings a gigantic, egg-like artifact to Jeffrey (Russell Johnson), a skeptical professor.

The episode is played for laughs rather than horror. Mad scientist Willard Wingite (Meat Loaf) owns a plantation on a small Caribbean island. Merrick's girlfriend and Jeffrey's daughter, Lisa (Beth Toussaint), begs her father to give Merrick a chance.

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