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But it is a fairly accurate description of the natural processes which are being used by researchers in so very many interesting ways these days.A more precise description of this process is provided in the article by Nikolaas van der Merwe called the Isotope Story.The ratio (relative amount) of these two types of oxygen in water changes with the climate.By determining how the ratio of heavy and light oxygen in marine sediments, ice cores, or fossils is different from a universally accepted standard, scientists can learn something about climate changes that have occurred in the past.As the moisture reaches the upper latitudes, the falling rain or snow is made up of more and more water molecules containing light oxygen.During ice ages, cooler temperatures extend toward the equator, so the water vapor containing heavy oxygen rains out of the atmosphere at even lower latitudes than it does under milder conditions.

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“Light” oxygen-16, with 8 protons and 8 neutrons, is the most common isotope found in nature, followed by much lesser amounts of “heavy” oxygen-18, with 8 protons and 10 neutrons.

The standard scientists use for comparison is based on the ratio of oxygen isotopes in ocean water at a depth of 200-500 meters.

Evaporation and condensation are the two processes that most influence the ratio of heavy oxygen to light oxygen in the oceans.

Carbon is not by a long shot the only element used by stable isotope researchers.

Currently, researchers are looking at measuring the ratios of stable isotopes of oxygen, nitrogen, strontium, hydrogen, sulfur, lead, and many other elements that are processed by plants and animals.

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