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Couples that remained sexually active into their eighties were just as satisfied with the intimate aspect of their relationships as those in their fifties.

Only about half of the former interviewed reported having any sexual health issues.

There is a difference between desiring your sweetheart and lusting after him or her.

Attraction is a part of God’s design for men and women.

If a couple is emotionally equipped to deal with normal physical challenges that arise with age, they can enjoy a healthy sex life.

“Our research suggests that physical health challenges can be met if men and women maintain their mental health,” Waite explains.

In the article, “Sex and the Mature Couple,” written by Linda Waite, Ph.

D, of the University of Chicago, the results of her National Social Life, Health and Aging Project study are revealed.

According to Waite, there are two main factors that can lead to a sexual decline for couples — poor mental health (depression, anxiety and stress) and dissatisfaction in the relationship.“For those who maintain sexual activity well into their golden years, the experiences are just as rewarding.” Get the complete report and learn more about sexual problems and aging here. ” Revisiting the question now years after marriage, there is something that is now quite obvious to me…Dating and engaged couples should definitely have determined, specified physical limits; however, the bigger issue is the .If you are externally following “the rules,” but you are lusting after your girlfriend or boyfriend in your mind, your heart is not pure before God.

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