Dating during the french revolution

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The Northern American Colonies had been settled to enrich the mother country by exporting raw materials to England’s factories and then serve as a market for their finished goods.

Eventually the patriots’ desperate shortage of arms would be relieved by supplies from abroad. Beginning in 1777, shipments began to arrive from France, as well as the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.Few survived and most were not identified by the makers who feared retaliation by Royal authorities.) No. 1740 This American long arm, which predates the War for Independence, illustrates the Colonists’ early reliance upon reused mixed parts.Jacob Man of Wrentham, Mass., would later carry it as a Minuteman at Lexington/Concord and while a soldier in the 13th Massachusetts Continental Regiment through the New York-Trenton-Princeton campaigns (1775-1777), as well as at the Battle of Rhode Island (1778).The double-strap upper barrel band from a French Model 1754 musket had a cone-shaped ramrod pipe brazed to the bottom by the Colonists who were probably influenced by similar Spanish and Dutch designs. 1775-1783 Major parts from a British Long Land 1756 Pattern musket, which was still the primary arm of their infantry early in the Revolution, were remounted by the rebels on a maple stock to create this firearm.The provincial restocker also provided a New England petal-type raised carving around the barrel tang. In doing so, they reused the lock, trigger guard, sideplate, and buttplate, but omitted the original escutcheon, fourth rammer pipe and raised beavertail carving surrounding the barrel tang.

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