Dating depressed girlfriend

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Those who suffer from anxiety aren’t proud they do. At the same time, romantic relationships are not that different from other relationships; all relationships take work to maintain.They don’t want to feel the way they feel, nor do they want to have their thoughts running rampant around their minds. Offer a helping hand, but if they continuously refuse, leave them be. If you’re dating someone with anxiety, your relationship will take a bit more work to maintain. Always know that there are life coaches, therapists, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists she can lean on who are trained in effectively treating mental illnesses. When she talks about what doesn’t feel good, ask her what does feel good. Although you can’t put these strengths in her, you can help her feel reassured that you’re there for her. Understand her triggers and avoid setting them off. Ask her how her treatment is going and let her share what she’s discovered so far in her healing process. When she talks about what’s wrong, ask her if she sees any lessons. If she’s dealing with depression and anxiety, she’s most likely also trying to strengthen her self-awareness and self-esteem.Someone is not part of your positive community if he or she does not show compassion or does not show the respect she deserves for her courage. We ask each other questions when we need clarity and we work to respond to each other with compassion.

Be prepared for what is likely to come, and be sure to know your limit.Arguments out of the blue, in the middle of a crowded train or coffee shop? Crying and weeping for absolutely no apparent reason? This can get especially bad when your partner is taking meds by the handful. Just like misery, anxiety loves company just the same.When that happens, you’re basically stuck taking care of your partner while you watch him or her pass out, and then not remember any of it the next day. You’re going to have to learn to manage both your anxiety levels as well as your partner’s.When we fall in love, we really do find ourselves blind to the other’s flaws -- or at least aren’t bothered by them.What’s hard is being supportive and non-judgmental all the time.

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