Dating community friend in saudi arabia

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The headscarf is however optional for foreign women, but it is worth brining one along simply to avoid harassment by the religious police or other men intent on causing problems.Saudi law is generally strict where women are concerned and prohibits women from associating with unrelated men.Generally, the Muttawa don't enter hotels or expat compounds, and you should be able to relax a little more there.

The fourth prayer of the day is is known amongst expats as the "prayer window" during which time, if you're time is good and you're swift, you can buy your groceries at the supermarket with minimal traffic.

Generally speaking, you will need to make your own preparations.

After the evening prayer, things change quite dramatically.

The exceptions to the closure during prayer time are hospitals, airports, public transport and taxis, which continue to run normally.

Shopping malls also remain open, however the shops inside tend to be closed. Generally speaking, even less observant Muslims make the effort to attend the mosque for this one.

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