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The German troops stayed in the Smolensk Region for another two years, until it was liberated by the Red Army on 9 April 1943.On , the Gagarin family moved to the town of Gzhatsk, where Yury pursued his education.While attending the trade school, he was also enrolled in an evening school, from which he graduated in 1951.One month later he received an honors diploma from the trade school as well and became a certified foundry man – a vocation he was proud of for the rest of his life.Here is our list of the top 10 coldest inhabited places in the world. Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk, Russia Cities like Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk have recorded unheard of temperatures like -128.6 degrees F.The people are so used to colder temperatures that sometimes they do not mind reheating the car for hours. Oymyakon, Russia Colder climates favor Russia more than any other country, it seems.Hotter climates tends to make some individuals lethargic or inactive.

Gagarin was very proud of it and later remarked, “the first appraisal in the media means a lot to a person.” In October 1955 he was drafted and sent to the famous Orenburg Aviation School, since he already had a pilot's license.Gagarin and 20 other trainees were about to face a real challenge.As the training had just begun, no one could actually believe that the space flights would become reality.Gagarin marked 1955 with a number of outstanding achievements.He graduated from the Saratov School as an honors student, and later in July he won his wings, as he performed his first independent flight in a Yak-18 aircraft, triumphantly graduating from the Saratov Air Force Club in October.

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