Dating bruises in elderly relative dating worksheet

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We do not make any claims for "cures," though many people do use herbs for the maintenance of good health.

See your Health care practitioner when suffering from a serious or chronic illness.

The plant is antimicrobial when used either internally or topically as a salve.

Estafiate is also anti-inflammatory and is useful as an oil in the treatment of wounds, burns, bruises, and muscle or joint pain.

Due to their very similar appearances, some species are difficult to identify, and they do not all contain exactly the same active principles.Our ethic is to practice reverence for life and reverence for health.This is why we offer the highest of quality educational information and select organic herbal remedies — knowledge of the healing properties of Nature can be a powerful supportive force in health maintenance and restoration.• Intestinal, bronchial, and heart health • Feminine reproductive health (such as PMS, or menopause) Herbal remedies, such as Solomon's Seal, work best when supported by lifestyle choices that aid in health restoration.This website provides a breadth of information and resources to assist you in these ways: We believe in treating everybody respectfully and compassionately, like family.

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