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This sequence does not reveal a lot of breathtaking images but it uses some sleek trigonometric functions in the Javascript to say the least. The two girls agree to nag you a bit, as they have stripped in front of you (the player) they demand now that you return the favour. The previous walkthrough (From Bar to Pool) learned us that it is possible to meet Rebecca in the lingerie shop. Normally Rebecca would now ask you to have a drink at the nightclub but since you have just been kicked out there, she looks for another place to go and have some fun. This is a really difficult stage in the game as the right moves have to be followed without making a single mistake. She will propose to have a drink with Ariane B at the nearby nightclub. Permalink We need to swim first before meeting Rebecca, So start with walkthrough #5 this time: Have a drink Go inside Go to the bedroom to get dressed (for casual version)or Get dressed and go for a drive (for dress version)Wait for her in the hallway Get in the drivers seat Go downtown Lingerie Store Get past the lingerie puzzle see walk #19 for how Then we see Rebecca Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca Buy the next round of drinks Let them continue to dance There are two versions of what happens depending on how Ariane is dressed.Permalink Again, start with walkthrough #1 or #2, then: We are going to start by a trip to the night club first: Go for a drive Get in the drivers seat Go downtown Go to the nightclub Dance-A new puzzle: prove you are a good dancer by advancing the screen 16 times in as close to perfect rhythm as you can. Cheat: If you turn on “auto” you will get a perfect score. You must do at least once dance move before removing her shirt or skirt5.

But a perfect show would be: Move your hips Take off your Shirt Bop your head Take off your Pants Shake your Ass Move your hips Take off your undies Move in closer End Show I say let’s do it Now we see what happens if you go to the bar first, next we will swim first which will result in a few possible Rebecca stories.

But from other walkthroughs (Bistro Dinner) we know that we can have a drink and a dance in the bar without Rebecca as well.

The game is parameter driven, meaning that - literally - thousands of possible paths can be followed, rather than having a linear and rigid storyline. Answer on the second question: just read the following lines.

Let's repeat the tedious steps again of introducing ourselves...

First: Introduction Second: Bikini Dinner Finish drinking.

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